Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Mina Watanabe, Japan

Women's Active Museum on War and Peace (WAM)

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for the invitation to Rhonda's memorial event. We are not able to participate in it unfortunately, but we'd like to share the photos of Rhonda in the Women's International War Crimes Tribunal for Japan's Military Sexual Slavery held in Tokyo, in December 2000.

Rhonda had devoted tremendous energy and effort to the Tribunal as a legal advisor, and she also joined the actions in following up the Hague Judgement delivered in 2001, in order to make the perpetrators and the Japanese government accountable for this crime. We are strengthening the effort to bring justice to the survivors of the "comfort women" system. The survivors passed away almost every month, but we shall win this struggle by realizing redress for the survivors, and leave a precedent in history that the government has to be accountable for the sexual violence committed in the conflicts, even after 50 years have passed.

We will remember Rhonda, especially her warm respect to the survivors. We also hope to be a part of the global struggle for justice.

Best wishes,

Mina Watanabe
Secretary General
Women's Active Museum on War and Peace (WAM)
Tokyo, Japan