Saturday, September 18, 2010

From Priscilla Ruth MacDougall

Dear Rhonda's Team:

It brings a chuckle every time I see the reference to Rhonda's "Team". That was the last word she ever said to me--in an email shortly after several of us were honored by the Veteran Feminists of American in NYC in 2008.

Nadine Taub did not have a biography in the program, so I started working on one and got into contact with Rhonda. She got right into it, and, with a couple others, we got a bio included.

I wrote her something about signing in "Sisterhood", a term I had long not been able to use, and she responded. "We're a team."

The words shall forever stick with me as will all my memories of Rhonda which started with her editing my first naming rights article for the Women's Rights Law Reporter in l972. We met at the Women and Law conferences from 1970s into the 1990s, and she was always a presence and inspiration. She was always in the forefront, and in the background, and will remain so in my mind always.