Saturday, May 8, 2010

From Lepa Mladjenovic, Belgrade

dear friends,

i am in my home in Belgrade and Syliva Marcos arrived today here from Mexico, also a friend of Rhonda ! while she is writing to her friend Ros, I am getting the mail from the plane from Sharlotta -- !!.

and i wish to cite what Ros has written to Sylvia:
it has been a very sad but also, in many ways, uplifting time - such an extraordinary circle of friends a waves of love

yes I am happy i am one of the shining stars in this circle of love-- your Easter Europe sister of Rhonda's family --

i am sending art from a artist living in Mexico that Sylvia brought to us here -- one of the Zapatista supporters, Beatriz Aurora: today dedicated to Rhonda traveling through blue skys visting our souls inspiring tenderness

May 6, 2010

dear dear Ros,
ah..................i will put flowers from the balcony around me now, and some soft music to share all of Rhonda's family energy...thank you thank you for writing to me ..tears are warm and soft-- that is beautifull.
sisterly to you Ros,

Photo forwarded with sisterlove to all three beautifull friends !

Rhonda with Dra. Sylvia Marcos & Ros Petchesky