Friday, May 7, 2010

From Shula Koenig

Shula Koenig, Executive Director of the People's Movement for Human Rights Learning (PDHRE)

Charlotte, Roxanna, Anita:

I first met Rhonda many years ago just as I took my first steps at The UN and with women's NGO. I have learned a lot from her, her very specific articulation, and admired her generosity to share, teach and learn. I especially admired her relationship with and commitment to her father ..having had discussed with her with some joy the interconnectedness between childen and parents..

I loved her grey shock of hair.. and thought she was beautiful with shimmering eyes that never stopped saying: you are welcome.

For all her close friends it is indeed a great lose and to us from the far a memory of a person who contributed a great deal, more than most, to understanding the human rights of women and women as full human beings.

When you remember her contribution it lessens the pain of the loss.

Shula Koenig