Friday, May 7, 2010

From Betty Reardon

Charlotte, Roxanna, Anita:

I am so deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Rhonda. It is good to know that she was surrounded by her friends and passed in the midst of such great love. Surely, she was a remarkable person more than worthy of the love and care she knew in her last days.

I knew Rhonda as a generous and creative scholar/activist who modeled so well how special knowledge could be accessible and constructive in the cause of justice and human rights. Her insights into women's rights as human rights, recognizing domestic violence as torture and her role in establishing rape as a war crime are but a few of the legacies that will inform the struggle for peace and human dignity long after her passing; certainly it influences my work and is handed on to those whom I teach.

All of it was part of Rhonda as a person, warm, open and giving. To say she will be missed is an understatement, but indeed she will in so many realms.

Betty Reardon