Saturday, May 15, 2010

From Dale McCormick, Maine

Director of Maine Housing, led the women's housebuilding course that Rhonda took and came down from time to time to help her build the Noyac house.

I have wonderful memories of working on the Noyac house with Rhonda. Actually, working on the roof one day when it was foggy and we were puzzling over a particularly vexing problem that only roofs can present was when the phrase "lifting the clarity fog" was born. Another tradeswoman from NYC whose name I can't remember who was there with us helped birth the phrase. It took all three of us to figure out the solution and then...the clarity fog lifted. We loved our solution, the phrase, and praised our intelligence all the while laughing so hard we almost fell off the roof.

I still use it. I don't know if Rhonda did.