Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From Rebecca Gold Milikowsky

good afternoon ladies

i am rebecca milikowsky, married to nathan, whose mother esther was married to herman copelon for over 25 years, my husband and i, and two daughters loved rhonda and considered her a part of our family. we were stuck in london for the luncheon a few weeks ago, but one of my daughters was present. shira was so moved by the tributes and the love in the room... i know that the energy in that room was felt by rhonda.

we will miss her. my daughters brina and shira were born after herman was married to my mother in law, so they always considered rhonda an aunt--and an interesting one at that,

somehow i am not in the email loop and would love to know the details of the memorial, which i hear is on the 21st.

i know that this is a great loss for you. i only can wish you fond memories of the wonderful woman rhonda.


rebecca gold milikowsky