Saturday, May 8, 2010

From Indai Sajor, Philippines

Dear Charlotte, Roxanna and Anita,

Thank you indeed bringing us together to share the sad news of a dear friend's passing --

She had been so much a part of our struggle for women's human rights and justice for women ... as we still continue to do so today and will be inspired by the resilience that she has shown through the years.

I have also informed our dear friends in the networks in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries -- as Rhonda has worked with us tirelessly in the organizing the Women's International War Crimes Tribunal on Sexual Slavery for the former 'comfort women' of Asia. I remember those nights of debates when Rhonda would be all over me -- saying this is a crime against humanity -- I thought it was genocide! but yes she did believed in the case of the 'comfort women' and then we debated and fought and defined what constitute a sense of justice for each woman victim of violence... at 3 am in the morning in Tokyo!

That was Rhonda ... we will miss her...

Love and big hugs to all,