Monday, May 10, 2010

From Ivanka Corti, Italy

Former chair of the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

Dearest Charlotte,

My server blocked my computer for nearly three days this is the reason that only in this moment I receive from you the very sad news about the death of our beloved

First of all, thank you so much, dear great feminist Charlotte, to be so kind to send to all of us Rhonda's friends round the world on Rhonda's passing away and for having assisted her in the last moments of her life on behalf of all of us who loved and respected her, but, unfortunately, very far from her. You covered her fragile body with flowers and I suppose, you dedicated some on behalf of all of us.

You can't imagine how sorry I am that one of so good friends of mine is no more with us! I was very close to Rhonda during my permanence in CEDAW and we maintained this friendship through the regular correspondence. She was always punctual in responding to my emails and in the last one I received at the end of last year she promised to come to Rome "next summer" and be some time with me!!!!!!

Rhonda for me was not only a loyal friend, but a really extraordinary human being - somebody whom you imagine, but rarely find in reality, as a "humanist" human being (if I can say so?) with an extraordinary generosity. It is not to me to describe all her merits on behalf of the women's rights round the world, because, fortunately, during her life she has received numerous recognitions from different parts of the world. I always greatly respected what she has done for women's "cause" and freedom and equality in general.

Rhonda, dearest friend I waited for your promised visit to Rome next summer!! You will not come but in my memory you will always be with me. You gave to me faith in friendship and helped me sincerely during my permanence in CEDAW. Thank you for all and thank you for being an example what the sincere feminist is. Good buy, dear great Rhonda!

Dear Charlotte, for the moment I don't know how to participate in donations on behalf of Rhonda but, please, be so kind to inform me about the follow up of remembering her.

Thank you!

Ivanka Corti