Saturday, May 8, 2010

From Rebecca Cook

Dear Charlotte, Roxanna and Anita,

thank you so very much for sharing this sad news with me, and so filled with love and friendship. How very lucky she was to have you as such devoted friends. How much she will miss you, and you her. I send my condolences. I know how much she gave of her self as a person and what a painful void that leaves, now that she has gone. She certainly knew how to live life to the fullest, which makes her passing all the harder to accept.

what an inspiration she was to fearless, so determined, always moving toward the next edge...i am so lucky that i knew her, worked with her and above all laughed with her. i sent the following email late in March after i heard that her illness had taken a turn for the worst. I do not know whether she received it, but it helps me to remember some of our times together.

much love, rebecca

Dear Rhonda,

I wanted to write to say that i have been thinking about you. I saw Cathy Albisa this past week at the ASIL conference in Washington, and she told me a bit about the celebration of you and your work they had for you late last fall. She said it was very special.

I recently read an article on women and torture, and realized yet again how influential your work in this area has been. I have recently been reading the Cotton Field decision, and so wished i could have been there to hear you testify. Might you possibly send me a copy of your testimony as written? If you are up to it i would love to call and talk to you about your thoughts on the decision.

I had to smile when the Court discussed whether they had jurisdiction regarding the Convention Belem do Para. I kept thinking about the good times we had in Caracas, drafting that Convention, and those mid-night or past mid-night discussions with Linda Poole. Do you remember our driver listing to our discussions in the back of the room?

i gather that Shanthi Dairiam has been nominated for CEDAW. I hope i heard that correctly as it would be so good to have her back on the Committee.

Take good care of your fine self, and much much love,