Saturday, May 8, 2010

From Nira Yuval-Davis, England

Dear Charlotte and friends,

Thank you for sharing with us the sad news about Rhonda's death. Although it was expected, it was still a shock, although it's wonderful she could die in such a loving and comforting context. I wish I was nearer to be able to share with you all my feelings and memories about Rhonda. Although I have not seen her for several years now and have never had the opportunity to share more than a few days at a time with her company, she has been a very important inspiration for me both as a woman and as a political/intellectual force. As a sociologist I've alsways had a bit of a suspicious/ambiguous relationship with the law, but she has shown me how the law, which is usually an outcome of social power relations, can also become in the right hands a tool to change these power relations. I wish I could send her a one last hug. I'm sending one to you all.

X Nira