Friday, May 21, 2010

From Pat Cain, California

Law professor, Santa Clara University

I will always remember Rhonda as the most tireless champion of justice and of kindness I have ever known. We all have friends we see too infrequently and that was certainly true of me and Rhonda. But then whether in Texas, Iowa, California, or her own territory, New York, it never took more than two seconds to reconnect. Rhonda was always just there – being Rhonda. She made the time of shared friendship stand still. And I had hoped it would stand longer still. She nurtured that hope with her optimism.

I felt the stab of a knife when I first learned of Rhonda’s cancer – a late learning as is often the case with geographically distanced friends. My need to reconnect was immediately met with Rhonda’s need to assure me that she was just fine – something she kept assuring me. And so that is how I will always remember her – exuding tireless energy, whatever the task, and always telling me she is fine. Yes, Rhonda, you are so fine.

Love to all,

Pat Cain