Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Bene Madunagu, Nigeria

Dear Anita,

Thank you so much for sending us this message as sad as it is but yet important for us to know. I met Rhonda years ago but more closely during the processes that led to Cairo ICPD. Rhonda was a great friend and mentor in Human and sexual rights issues to many of us. I can't forget her soft but very compelling voice, soft, sweet to listen, compelling and convincing at the same time. Rhonda had such a high intellectual power and memory but yet very unassuming, brilliant but extremely humble. She was a hard core convinced Women's rights and indeed sexual rights defender. I had not seen Rhonda for a long time but was privileged to see her during the night that CWGL honoured Charlotte Bunch during the CSW, on March 6th 2010. I did not know that that would the last time that I would see Rhonda. I am glad that I received her warm hug and held on to absorb it. May her gentle soul continue to remind us to pursue the course for which she devoted her life.